Health Care

One Medic Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. (1174643-A) commenced its operations in June 2016, in the Medical and Healthcare field. Initially focusing on the business of private clinic, it now owns a chain of clinics known as Klinik Keluarga One Medic throughout Melaka and a Pharmacy, known as Farmasi One Medic. It is the leading top notch chain of clinics in Melaka. Most of the clinics are the Only 24-Hour clinics located in that vicinity.

Swab Test 

    • RTK RM20.00 (Result within 2 hours)
    • PCR RM125.00
    • PCR Express RM210.00 (Result within 8 hours)

(from 8am until 6pm)

  1. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Bukit Beruang
  2. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Alor Gajah
  3. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Tangga Batu
  4. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Jasin
  5. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Bachang
  6. Klinik Keluarga One Medic Duyong
  7. Farmasi One Medic Bukit Beruang
  1. Normal treatment
    • Cough
    • Fever
    • Minor health issue
  2. Dental Services (Cheng Branch)
  3. Pregnancy Scan
  4. X-Tray (Bukit Baru Branch)
  5. ECG (Bukit Baru Branch)
  6. Blood test
  7. Typhoid injection
  8. Medical Check-Up
  9. Circumcision for children boy and girl (advance booking needed direct to One Medic)
  10. Program PEKA B-40
  11. Program Tenang
  1. This program is depend on discounts. Members need to make payment after dealing at the clinic.
  2. This program entitles immediate family members to use a membership card to go to the clinic provided, members need to bring a membership card and identity card to get this privilege.
  3. Immediate family members who are eligible for this privilege are:
    • Husband
    • Wife
    • Children
    • Mother
    • Father

The MyFamily Clinic was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality services to the public ever since. We have been in the healthcare industry for more than 2 years and well trained in our areas. We have experience in handling women health related cases and ultrasound cases.

All treatments and scans excluded vaccine

1. Women’s Check Up
2. Check up for children and adults
3. Treatment of chronic diseases
4. Pregnancy Check Up
5. Family Planning
6. Fertility package
7. Blood test
8. Full medical check up
9. Circumcision (Boy & Girl, free circumcision pants)
10. General Scan
11. Travel kit (emergency medicine)
12. Minor surgery (Suture wounds, open sutures, wash wounds, remove nails, small boils)
13. Ear treatment (Camera view in the ear)
14. Application for a new GDL license or renew GDL
15. Procedure (Nebulisation, phlegm inhalation, normalsaline drip, ECG, check hemorrhoids)
16. Health Program (Exercise, Weight Loss & Nutrition)

Menara Optometry provides primary eye care services for all ages, professions, hobbies and matters relating to eye sight, thus ensuring the well-being of its customers in their daily activities.





Eye Function Examination

• Vision level examination

• Assessment of binocular vision ability

• Color vision assessment

• Visual field assessment

• Assessment of eye muscle and nerve function


Eye health examination

• Examination of the external and internal health of the eyes

• Screening of eye -related systemic diseases

• Assessment of eye diseases and non -surgical treatment

• Referral to ophthalmologist as needed


Touch Lenses

• Health check before use of contact lenses

• Eye health check after using contact lenses



·        Children’s visual health

• The visual health of the elderly

• Safety glasses consultation

• Consultation on the selection of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses according to the needs of daily activities, hobbies & lifestyle (lifestyle)

• Other consultations related to eye health care


Treatment Methods/Products

·        Ophthalmic lice

• Contact lenses

• Binocular therapy

•Spectacles frame



Technical services

Repair and clean glasses

Branded frames & sunglasses
• Menara Optometry is offering an additional 10% discount specifically to members of the Nur Tawakal Membership Loyalty Program for frames and sunglasses in addition to the regular discounts offered.

*Discount eligibility from 10% until 60% for members of Nur Tawakal Membership Loyalty Program

Quality assurance on manufacturing defects
• Menara Optometry offers a quality guarantee for one year from the date of submission of orders for manufacturing defects.
• This guarantee is subject to terms and conditions.

Eligibility for discount vouchers (purchase rebates)
• Members of the Nur Tawakal Membership Loyalty Program are eligible for a RM50 discount on purchases of RM600-RM999
• Members of the Nur Tawakal Membership Loyalty Program are eligible for a RM100 discount for purchases of RM1,000 and above
• Not legally used for the purchase of contact lenses, eyeglass accessories and other accessories.
• Eligibility for this discount voucher is subject to the terms and conditions set by Menara Optometry

Free eye examination
• During the appointment period of Menara Optometry as a vendor to Nur Tawakal and members of the Nur Tawakal Membership Loyalty Program, Menara Optometry will conduct free inspections which will be conducted by optometrists registered with the ‘Malaysian Optical Council’
• The eye examination list is as stated above (Our main service).


30% discount from regular price

20% discount from regular price

10% discount for every product purchase

Darul Mahabbah coordinates the cost of one Malaysia funeral management. It also provides a funeral management package to reduce the burden of survivors when a loved one is lost. In addition, the company provides academic recognition of funeral management and production of Darul Mahabbah management products. It also provides an opportunity for bilal and mosque staff to increase income.

1) Kain Kapan Set (3 pieces of fabric, Serban, and Bengkong).
2) 2 pairs of Gloves
3) 1 Soap Book
4) 1 packet of Kapur Barus
5) 2 Bottles of Minyak Attar
6) Cotton, Tie, Rose Water, Apron

1) Kain Kapan Set (5 pieces of fabric, Mini Telekung, and Bengkong)
2) 2 Pairs Gloves
3) 1 Soap Book
4) 1 Package of Kapur Barus
5) 2 Bottles of Minyak Attar
6) Cotton, Tie, Rose Water, Apron